AVIVA Fundraising

Picture of staff working with a client

We have been approved for entry into this year’s new look Aviva Community Fund and we need your help!

The Community Fund is a form of Crowdfunding for charities, and is open for general public donations as of now, and on an internal level for employees of Aviva from the 10th. Aviva employees each get given a £15 voucher, and it’s up to them to browse through the projects that have made the cut and decide which resonates enough for their donation.

Here is the link to our project page so you can see what we are looking for:


We would really appreciate it if you could share this amongst your contacts, friends, family, DIB supporters, and hopefully we can start bringing in some donations.

This is a competitive funding opportunity to be approved to join, and it is also an all or nothing campaign which closes on April 22nd, so we will need to hit 100% of our target to receive any funds.


Many thanks for your support